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Greetings and welcome to my online portfolio. This web-space exists as a record of the recent work I have published in the areas of broadcast arts, photography, and design media. I am a professional videographer and digital media editor living in Detroit and working in the metro area. Currently I am working as an independent freelance shooter for a feature film titled "Burn - One year on front lines to save Detroit" as well as a marketing campaign with the Rochester Schools District. A recent highlight in my 9-year career has been the opportunity to work on various film projects involving legendary rapper Eminem, including a documentary on his Recovery album (2010) and trip to Europe to document a series of festival headlining performances in Aug. 2011.

From 2005-2009 I had the pleasure of working for the esteemed JWT / Team Detroit Inc. in their Park Broadcast Studios as both an editor and digital media coordinator. My corporate clients have included global industrial leaders and technology firms such as Ford Motor Company and Compuware. I have worked closely on national accounts such as; White Castle, Barnes & Noble Books and Bell Helicopter, as well as smaller regional businesses like Oakwood Hospital and Warrior Lacrosse.

Since leaving the advertising industry in late 2009 I have been involved in many film projects based in the Detroit area. My work as a DSLR cinematographer and Final Cut editor has given me the opportunity to work on projects ranging from: music videos, television commercials and web-campaigns, independent films, and feature film projects. In my personal time I enjoy shooting photography, rehabbing lofts and promoting the city of Detroit.

Please take some time and check out the various works I have posted on here as well as my other websites. I was personally and directly involved in producing, co-producing, editing, designing, and /or shooting all work displayed and promoted on this website.

Thank you again for stopping by and hopefully we will have a chance to work together soon.

Logan Siegel

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