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  1. Meghan Cleary
  2. Ropa Vieja Films

    Ropa Vieja Films Plus


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    Welcome to the vimeo page for Ropa Vieja Films. For more info on us and our work, please visit: www.rv-films.com Most of our videos are not for public viewing. Please contact us with your company name and purpose to request a password to any one of our films. This page also includes works not…

  3. HOBO

    HOBO Plus NY, NY


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    HOBO is a trend-setting audio post house located in the heart of New York City. HOBO highlights the freshest talent in audio engineering, mixing, sound design, and music composition, with Chris Stangroom and Steven Davies at the controls. Since opening our doors in 2006, we have provided a range…

  4. FMST Georgetown

    FMST Georgetown Plus


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    Georgetown University's Film & Media Studies program is dedicated to exploring the relations between media, power, and social justice by integrating film and media theory and history with creative practice. After a rigorous introduction to film practice initiated at the Gateway course and extended…

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