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SpeedLooks Version 4 is now available! Check out the new looks, product features and website at looklabs.net

Our products are now in two packages;
SpeedLooks Studio LOG – our looks and camera patch bundle for comprehensive color grading from digital cinema, production and DSLR cameras.
And SpeedLooks Studio Linear – for hassle-free color grading and color correcting, designed for DSLR shooters and editors.

Both packages include all of the looks from previous releases plus new additions. 9 gorgeous new CLEAN looks, Artistic looks, one click selection of dynamic range and a new pricing are just some of the features of the new SpeedLooks. We’ve fine-tuned our product to make it more flexible, responsive and most importantly, visually pleasing.

SpeedLooks by LookLabs™. Revolutionizing the way you create beautiful footage. One look at a time.

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