Aviram Eitiel

Tel Aviv, Israel

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I was born in 1977, and since was always attracted to pretty things, visual, music and sound, smells, I live through my senses.
All through childhood I've been in art classes, courses, and experimenting a lot of plastic techniques. But only after I travelled Europe, Asia and Africa I settled for professional studies of video production, graphic design, 3D and 2D digital art in "Yeda" college in Rehovot, Israel.
After graduation I've worked many years as an After Effects artist, mostly on commercial videos, and gained experience as a video cameraman and offline editor as well.
"Look n' Roll" is the studio I've founded in 2011. The studio inhabits a crew of very talented digital art and sound expertise. We live for new production adventures and post production challenges.
Keep track on our portfolio, it's only getting better.
♥ Aviram.

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