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It all sarted in 1995, when Victor Serna and Xabi Zirikiain opened a shop in San Sebastian's port area.
Xabi an industrial engineer who at the time earned a living designing airplane wings, had already gained some notoriety in town as the creator of an ubiquitous daisy-shaped logo.
Together with Victor, and with more enthusiasm than experience, they embarked on the adventure of creating a clothes brand: Xabi as the logo designer, reflecting a wide range of influences coming from music, art and architecture, and Victor taking care of the figures and assuming the role of entrepreneur.
Together, they created a whole universe: the loreak mendian universe.
The brand's influences are many and very diverse: architecture (European Modernism, International style), art (Marcel Duchamp, Surrealism, Dada, Abstract Expressionism), music (Judee Sill, Love, Miles Davis, Beatles, Bad Brains,...), surf and, last but not least...life itself!

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