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London(uk), Venice(Italy)

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Lorenzo Guerrieri is an Italian photographer and Director of Photography (DoP) currently based in London and specialised in portraits and Video production for bands, actors, models and all sorts of artists. He divides his time between UK,Italy and Germany, where he keeps working with several artists (mainly musicians) across Northern Europe.
Born in Venice, Lorenzo first started his career in the tourism industry at a very young age. He soon radically changed his career path and enrolled at the Institute of Photography and Visual Arts in Padoa, where he immediately became enthusiastic about classes and passionate about the profession.
During this very early stage of his training he began to see his first results, developing knowledge, technical skills and creativity, and realising photography could be much more than a simple hobby for him. After obtaining a Diploma as a Photographer with excellent results, Lorenzo started working for a studio and acquired experience in different photographic styles.
His interest began to lean towards portrait and fashion photography, especially in the music industry – an area he had always been passionate about. He decided to move to London, where he has been living for over two years and works mainly on photoshoots and Videos for musicians and artists, headshots and portraits for actors, and fashion photography.

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