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Lòtzio is the newborn soloist project from the italian Musician, Music Therapist, Artist and Producer Andrea Carlotto, based in Aosta Valley, in the west-northern side of Italy.
The aim of the project is to investigate, with a trasversal and coherent form of contamination, the dialogue between differents art's approaches, working with both digital an analogues tools and forms of art (contemporary electroachoustic music and audiovisuals, but also literature, dance, theatre, painting, sculpture, performance, installation..).
The concept of "Extended Listening" and it's possibles declinations, is the primary goal for the compositional process, leading the entire work in the direction of creating multiples plans and possibilities of Listenig (perceptual, cognitive, istinctive, physical, social, cultural..) and playing with it, in order to suggest and evocate a multifaceted reflection about human things: from a very deep, subjective and intimate postion to a metaphysical and instinctive sight about human beings and their complex system of relationships, and kinds of being..

"An essential part of my creative and compositional process is trying to work with a dimension I like to call"Extended Listening "(perceptual, cognitive, instinctive, but also social and cultural), a dimension of feelings that is very close to me, and that I think it's the preferencial domain for me to develop coherents techniques and aestheticals approaches in order to evoking a nuanced and ironic reflection I like to get about "human things"... " -Lòtzio -


Interested in music and art (drawing, literature and audiovisual) since his teenage years, he began the study of Ethnic percussion with M° Matteo Cigna, falling in love and specializing in traditional Mandinga African music (northwest Africa), studying history, aesthetics and the many different traditions and approaches with great african and occidentals teachers such as Adama Dramé, Mare Sanogo, Amadou Kienou, Baba Sissoko, Ibrahima Traoré, Doussou Tourre, Lamine Sow, Seny Touré, Vincent Harisdo, Aho Luc Nicaise, Remy Aguidoussou, Piergianni Gillio, Gert Kilian, Seydou Dao, Ray Lema, Marco Fadda, Gilson Silveira ...He played with the percussion and dance ensemble of Mamima Swan since 2000, deepening the study of the traditional approach contaminated with the instincts and the aesthetics of contemporary music and dance. The collaboration continues to this day, implementing live electronics, electroacoustic music and audiovisual in the productions of the group. He graduated in Music Therapy in 2004, starting a professional activity and specialization in preventive area and childhood. In the same times defines its own method of approach in teaching and into introduction to music and movement for children and teenagers, integrating some ideas and topics evidenced by the study of various disciplines (music, audiovisual, music therapy), and various musical and cultural experiences with which it comes into contact. Founding member and Artistic Director of the cultural association "nD.nA.nC." in Aosta, founded in 2003, is involved in planning and realization of concerts, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, social services, and actively promoting social and cultural moments. With the same associationhe builds and manages the Cultural Circle named "Opera I" in Aosta. He plays since 2005 with the ensemble Acusmatic Group (Blackxploitation, Crime Jazz, Funk, Jazz, Bossa, Electronics), participating in the creation of soundtracks "ad hoc" and playing live for short films and feature films, as well as a more conventional concert activities. He works in various contexts as a teacher in the activity of introduction to music and movement for children (from 2 years-old) and adolescence, and as a music therapist. He teaches ethnic percussion in the music school "SuonoGestoMusicaDanza" of Aosta and cooperate in the management of the didactical and artistic production inside the music.cultural association Mamima Swan with his friend and master Matteo Cigna. Since 2001, he plays live accompanying courses, workshops and live performances of Contemporary and Traditional African Dance. In 2007 he worked at the designing, production, staging and performace of the show conceived for blindfolded public "Morte di Minotauro - Azione Spettacolare Senza un Senso (spectacular action without a sense)" on tour in various international festivals (Aosta, Turin, Florence, Lyon..). Since 2009, he studied electronic music at the Conservatory "G. Verdi " in Como (It). He meets the Otolab collective attending the workshop "Theory and practice of live audiovisual performance." In 2010, designs and develops the solo project Lotzio, with whom he intends to work with techniques and styles of electronic music, media and contemporary art in a dialogue between different art forms, investigating the possibilities of what he defines "extended listening" (perceptual, cognitive, instinctive, physical, social, cultural ...). Some of his works were presented in the electronic music festival LA TERRA FERTILE" (Sassari 2010), "FESTIVAL 5 GIORNATE PER LA NUOVA MUSICA" (Milano 2011).With his work PLASM_on he won the iLiveCrossMedia section of TEC ART ECO FESTIVAL – 02 CREAZIONI (Lugano-2011), FUTURA FESTIVAL 2011 (Crest-FRANCE), NAO PErforming Festival (MILAN - 2011). Currently, in addition to the commitment of the solo project Lotzio, he’s finalizing the establishment of a new method of approach teaching in the area of “Introduction into music and movement for children (from 2 years-old) and olders”, using electroacousticals tools and technologies, developing a methodology with specific attention to aesthetics and history of contemporary music .

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