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LOUDPROVISION was previously named LOUDPRODUCTION, which was founded in 2004.

In the beginning, the main purpose was to produce wedding video for close friends. However, it has slowly becoming an independent creative group, making all type of videos.

We have produced numerous amount of music videos and promotional videos for independent local artists. Beside providing video production and post production, we also engaged in graphics design, band styling/imaging and small scale merchandise production.

In 2008, the music video "Planet of Love", performed by Hong Kong's indie band - LOUDSPEAKER, has won the Jidou INdependent Digital Entertainment's outstanding Award.

Soon after, LOUDPROVISION has produced two remarkable music videos: "Tranquility" and "Love is..." for Hong Kong's up and coming indie band - 'The Revolver', and it has grabbed loads of praise and attention.

In 2012, we produced our very first short film - "Prying eye", and Alan Yeah's personal photography collection - "One day one photo".

We have a lot more in the pipeline, hoping to provide you with a unique audio visual experience with our very own perspective and style. Hoping to share our great passion with you.

Watch this space!


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