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I am an award winning Senior Creative/Director who started working at MTV in 2005 directing Overdrive’s online entertainment news and celebrity packages.
A year later I moved into the Creative Department where I wrote and directed countless promos in the UK and overseas for MTV’s 9 Channels including VH1 and VIVA
In 2010 I started writing and directing promos and commercials for BBC Worldwide after I won the prestigious Promax Award for Best Newcomer , I then went on to win 7 more Promax awards globally.
In addition to promos, I have written and directed the short film Still Born which has been shown at the British Film Institute, BFM International Film Festival and the KinoFilm Festival.
I have worked with the likes of Paris Hilton, Trevor Nelson, Cheryl Cole and Pink to name a few.
I currently work at a leading European agency Red Bee Media where I direct promos and branding across all media.

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