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The Los Angeles-based trio, Love Darling, dig into the emotional spectrum between seductively intimate and aggressively passionate, with skillfully crafted layers of distorted organs, saturated synths, jagged guitars and bombastic, pulsing drums beneath hypnotic and distinctly soulful female vocals. Love Darling's songs possess a stirring sonic scope fittingly reflected in singer Shay's introspective lyric, “and who are you? A whisper, a drop kick, the feeling blue?”

With collective fitful memories of late night diners, pawnshops, imaginary friends, fortune tellers and a haunted love-tester machine, the mad-scientist minds of Shay Magro, Mike Wolpe, and Daniel Elias collided at different points in time and space to create Love Darling.

Following up their first two self-released EPs, including Sunshine Dust, which was recorded by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and featured on Showtime’s premiere series, The Real L Word, Love Darling released their first full-length album, The Occupant Theory, in late 2012. “The new record is made of shiny black vinyl and contains subliminal messages intended to inspire unusually surreal and salacious dreams,” explained the band before completing their first national US tour in support of the new release. Love Darling is currently putting the finishing touches on the “The Occupant Theory” follow-up double CD which will contain additional unreleased songs, remixes, melodic mind-control mantras, zombie limbs & muppet parts.

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