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Memphis, TN

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A truly unique and visually stunning take on meta-fiction, Lovely By Surprise follows the journey of novelist Marian Walker as she attempts to finish her first novel.

Facing the age-old problem of writer's block, Marian seeks advice from a mentor and ex-lover. His seemingly innocent advice to kill the book's protagonist unleashes chaos in her life as a willful protagonist escapes from her novel and appears in the unresolved corners of her past.

Featuring Carrie Preston (Transamerica, Nothing is Private, Lost, Arrested Development), Dallas Roberts (Walk The Line, A Home At The End Of The World, The Notorious Bette Page, The L Word), Austin Pendleton (Catch 22, What's Up Doc, A Beautiful Mind, Amistad, My Cousin Vinny, The Muppet Movie), Kate Burton (Grey's Anatomy, The West Wing, Woody Allen's Celebrity, The Ice Storm), Reg Rogers (Igby Goes Down, I Shot Andy Warhol, Analyze That, Primal Fear), Richard Masur (Risky Business, Heaven's Gate, Palindromes, Wonder Years, Picket Fences), Michael Chernus, and Lena Lamer, a wonderful New York ensemble cast shines in this experimental work.

At turns funny, lyrical, dark and mysterious, this enigmatic film explores past and present, art and reality, life and death, ultimately revealing the strength and beauty of the human heart.

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