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Lover Lover arrive in late 2010 with their suitcase full of dream-stories, road tales and lush, velvety sound... you'll hear echoes of Fleetwood Mac, Phoenix and Blondie at a lonely junction where early 90s smooth meets classic folk storytelling.

A boy/girl duo that falls somewhere in between Eurythmics and Beach House, Eleanor and Martin Craft are musical friends from London. Teaming up with producer/co-writer Nicholas Littlemore (Empire of the Sun, Pnau), the first offering is the soaring, emotionally charged Freebirds.


  1. Mike James
  2. Rohan Thomas
  3. Luke Franklin
  4. Can Evgin
  5. Sarah Neal
  6. Erick Reyes
  7. Nick Puzo
  8. Michael Peters
  9. David Rutherford
  10. Mathematics
  11. Tony Oliver
  12. Mark Fancher
  13. Gotye
  14. Hiras
  15. Leander D
  16. lawrence horne
  17. Freddy West
  18. Max Hattler

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  1. love the song, love the video, really put a smile on my face!
  2. Hollister love your song :D