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    by Loyola University

    10 Videos

    Videos that help promote enrollment at Loyola University New Orleans.

  2. 02:49

    Alumni College

    by Loyola University

    1 Video

    Loyola University New Orleans annually holds alumni college, a three-day weekend where participants have the opportunity to attend classes, mingle at social events and meals, take field trips and…

  3. 02:36

    Centennial Kickoff

    by Loyola University

    3 Videos

    The kickoff to Loyola University New Orleans' centennial celebration was held April 10-12, 2012 with a host of public activities, including lectures, concerts, a library exhibit, centennial Mass,…

  4. 11:49

    Loyola's History

    by Loyola University

    3 Videos

    Loyola University New Orleans is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its chartering as a university with a number of events that celebrate and explore Loyola’s rich history.

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