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Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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When creatives gather, ideas flow, when they collaborate, masterpieces are created. When they depart, the world becomes a dull place.

LTBL Productions is a creative cultural hub where film, animation, photography, design & web development are its staple disciplines. Producing works that aim to inspire and awe it's clients and their intended audience.

The team's obsessive traits are evident in the quality of work produced and the referrals & testimonials that they receive from their vast and diverse clientele.

LTBL Productions client base is as expansive as the NHS, Starbucks, Platform Expos, we work in the private, public and voluntary sector.

Working with small business to large corporations & organisations, each cutting edge project is a union of sincerity, creativity and focus.

LTBL Productions.

Be enlightened.

Short Films and Feature Films
Music Videos
Editing Services
Events & Promotional Videos
Video for Private & Public Sectors
Community Productions

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