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Palm Harbor, FL

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EDUCATION: Bachelor's in Film Studies/Production at University of Pittsburgh

INTERESTS: Writing, Directing, Dancing, Yelling, Interfering

GOAL: To establish my pitiful existence on the planet with films.

QUOTE: "And it does take a great kind of man to crack this jungle."


  1. GAYS the series
  2. it could be worse
  3. Brandon Agan
  4. Brandon D. Hyde
  5. RLTerry
  6. Parker Russell
  7. Kate
  8. Chris Marrs Piliero
  9. Steeltown Entertainment Project
  10. Five Studios
  11. Tongal
  12. MOFILM
  13. David Brashear
  14. Charles Dayment
  15. Lula Fotis
  16. Will Sampson
  17. Zachary Coker
  18. Kenneth M. Davis

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  1. lmao - "He's checking on you." - "That's what happens when you're black and shopping." So good. Keep it up Gays Team!