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::Freeform audio visual rythms:: Live video art performance and Production.
Morris La Mantia [Lucidhouse]

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My works are an exploration into the key relationship between man and fire. How meditating on the flickering, glowing warmth could’ve triggered a creative, inventive awakening in early man.

In contrast, our technological evolution has brought us the fire place that radiates a cold blue pulse of mainly narrow prescriptive chatter, stripping away our creative urges and lulling us into a malignant stupor.
Ironically, I mould, coax and transmit my pieces through this cold medium. To try and neutralise this inherent sterility, I infused my motion pieces with organic forms, textures and combustible hyper colour.
There’s nothing profound or prescriptive, the narrative is open ended, the themes random, surreal and subliminal.
My wish is that these video works can touch on that hypnotic, cerebral state derived from staring into flames and hopefully inspire some creative occurrence in the viewer.

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