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LUCKYSPARKS is a creative agency with a passion for sophisticated ideas, finesse and imagination. We craft video content by using compelling stories to reflect the core principles of a brand, allowing our viewers to build a deeper and personal connection. Our rare talent of directors and experienced producers make for a well-balanced team capable of any feat, accomplishing it with efficiency and flair. We hold in high regards our understanding of eastern and western values to deliver an exceptionally unique and novel perspective. Our work is thoughtful, intuitive and polished.

We inspire creative friction that spark your mind.

LUCKYSPARKS 的主要宗旨是透 過影片精準的傳達品牌的核心價 值,觸動觀眾的內心,建立深層 的情感連結。我們熱衷於提供獨 特嶄新的觀點和創意。我們的作 品細心且精緻直接呈現最真摯的 情感。

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