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Lucy Benson is a visual artist known for her distinct and evocative audiovisual performances, video and image works.

The former Australian resident has gained renown in Europe over the last years for her collaborative projects with musicians such as Kode9, Roly Porter and Kuedo (for the acclaimed Severant AV show), plus stunning one-off presentations with the likes of Actress, Clark and Sepalcure. She contributes regularly to international event series exploring the intersection of experimental electronic music and arts.

Lucy’s live shows are entirely original, self-contained works; unique and enigmatic worlds painstakingly crafted from concept through to performance for each new project. Her intense aesthetics and rich textures are the result of rigorous experimentation with digital and analogue materials, psychological motives and an esoteric exploration of futurism and perception. Her production methods encompass everything from live-action video through to self-programmed software systems, film, light and 3D textures. Often exploiting the materiality of the medium either in preproduction or live on stage.

Both her creative process and quality of the results set her work apart in the audiovisual realm; a distinction recognized by and reflected in her close, ongoing working relationships with musicians and festival partners and the screening of her work at such critical cultural institutions as the British Film Institute and Centre Georges Pompidou.

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