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Having graduated from the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Lucy joined the core creative group of FoolishPeople in February 2006. Since then, she has produced as well as perform in all of their productions and worked in known and site specific venues across the UK, in America and Amsterdam.

Some of the productions she has produced and performed in include 'Dead Language' at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, 'Terra:Extremitas' at the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam, 'Desecration' at The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham and 'Ward 12' whilst working with Secret Cinema in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'.

Lucy co-founded publishing imprint Weaponized in 2010 and has edited all of their released book titles.

Most recently she has produced and acted in feature film 'Strange Factories' shot in the Czech Republic over the Summer of 2011.

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