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  1. 10:47

    Gateway Students

    by Luke Asper

    8 Videos

  2. 01:51


    by Luke Asper

    4 Videos

  3. 01:03


    by Luke Asper

    2 Videos

  4. 15:38

    AMPED Jr. High

    by Luke Asper

    13 Videos

  5. 19:05

    MOR Youth

    by Luke Asper

    12 Videos

  6. 15:03

    Gateway MIX 56

    by Luke Asper

    15 Videos

  7. 04:25

    Gateway Amazing Kids

    by Luke Asper

    12 Videos

    Gateway Church in Southlake Texas has the most Amazing kids and they deserve amazing intros for their amazing new series! These are the videos the kids get to see every weekend before they hear the…

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