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I am an experienced and creative video producer/director, editor and motion graphics designer. I also love to film and photograph my own images and am always looking for a good new challenge. I specialise in flexible solutions that fit my client's needs.


  1. Manly Beach, Sydney Australia
  2. Morgan Maassen
  3. Mick Soiza
  4. 25 and SUNNY
  5. Churchward/Melhuish
  6. Canvas Surfboards
  8. Aaron Ho
  9. The Blank Tapes
  10. Adam Franklin
  11. Henry Gaunt Editing
  12. Nat Lanyon
  13. Spirit of Akasha
  14. Ben Kucharski
  15. MINT.
  16. HarkAttack
  17. Brightworks
  18. Almond Surfboards

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