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Luke Harris Graphics is a production house based in Brisbane Australia with nearly 10 years experience delivering brand-enhancing productions across a variety of media.

Our clients come from a variety of markets including ad agencies, film producers and broadcast television. We supply creative media to establish and enrich brand positioning. Recently, LHG has delivered cutting edge design work for Sony, Telstra, the City of Sydney and Subaru. Our broadcast design is regularly seen on television shows reaching millions of people around Australia and the World.

The producers, directors and artists at LHG are equally at home using animation, visual effects and live action to produce story-based work that is diverse and innovative. We can provide everything from script development to the final, broadcast-ready video.

Luke Harris Graphics has also produced commercial work for BT Financial, Chaser Productions, Cordell Jigsaw Productions, Hyundai, Johnson and Johnson, OurSay Australia, The University of Melbourne, Mitsubishi, Optus, South Bank Institute of TAFE, Westpac, World Wide Fund for Nature, WorkCover Queensland, and Andrew Denton’s Zapruder’s Other Films, to name a few. Our broadcast design has been seen on SBS, ABC TV, Channel Nine Australia, Fairfax Media, FOX8, and National Geographic in the U.S.

LHG is an agile studio, able to scale up or down as the project requires. If you want to see your brand in the best possible light, contact us.

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