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Analogue & Digital Experiments in Photography.

VJ'ing and Live Projections,

"Currently engaged in certain matter which does confuse people because of its sheer simplicity and beauty." Raymund Kho K.D.

Recently experimenting with my HTC/Android and all the camera Apps available.
Check Lukus9 on Instagram for results.

I Work closely with Music and Musicians, currently working with Magiclamp.
Let me know if you would like to collaborate.

I design & run Workshops for all ages
{including Photography, Art, Creative / Divergent Thinking, and Facillitate groups in various settings-e.g. Creative Planning / Project Development-Workshops comes in many guises-if you have an idea ask me, Most of my sessions are tailored to the group.}

Promote & Organise Live Events in Peterborough.

Part of;
Blok Collective on FaceBook

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  1. great video Jay, love the Chariots of Fire line timed with the train going past!