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Your new favorite shirt is here.
Inspired by the Wild. Made for Adventure.

All of Luwazo's amazing t-shirts are knit from the flowing locks of Grizzly Adams beard, hand-sewn by John Muir and screen-printed by Jeremiah Johnson to ensure their many adventurous qualities. Okay... that may be a slight exaggeration. However, Luwazo shirts are designed by people that love the great outdoors, made in the USA & screen-printed by independent craftsmen in Chattanooga, TN.

Inspired by the Wild. Made for Adventure.

Better materials, tighter knit fabric, finer craftsmanship and the perfect fit make for a better t-shirt. Dare we say the best? Oh, we dare. Certain to be your most comfortable tee. Prepare for a barrage of compliments as you're hiking down the trail, climbing your favorite crag, wading or paddling your favorite mt stream or shredding some singletrack.

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a portion of all Luwazo’s proceeds go to benefit a variety of non-profits that share the trails & waterways with us, so we're keeping the $ in the family, so to speak.

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