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Indian Trail, N.C.

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Focused on interactive and emerging technologies to enhance the lives of people as they collaborate, create, learn, work, and play.

Interests: Natural User Interfaces, Interactions & Systems, UX, HCI, IA, ID, NUI, games, serious games, ubicomp/pervasive computing, DOOH, accessibility, VR, AR, infovis, collaboration, gesture, touch, multimedia, multimodal i/o, psychology, education, social science, kids/teens/families & technology...

I am a school psychologist who uses innovative technology with young people, including those who have multiple special needs, including severe autism.

I returned to school in 2003 to take computer and related tech. courses part-time, but put my studies on hold in 2008 to return to my present position full-time. I experiment with emerging technologies during my "free" time, and enjoy sharing information about innovative applications and technologies on my blog.

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