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Family and photography were my first loves. I learned photography as a kid in my father's darkroom. As a teenager, my pals and I made 8 mm wolf-man horror movies with Brillo pads and spirit gum, frame-by-clunky-frame. For six years as a college student and a young adult I worked for ABC-TV affiliates in Colorado Springs, El Paso, and in NYC as an apprentice camera operator, projectionist, film editor, and technical director. For the next fourty years I became willingly diverted by two other fine careers—first in the Army and later in leadership consulting—but I always kept a camera close at hand. Now I'm finally getting back to my first loves full time. I aim to keep developing my digital imaging skills for as long as I live, while traveling with family and friends, producing decent photos and videos that capture your interest and tell the story.

I hope you’ll subscribe to my videos here on Vimeo and will enjoy watching my work evolve. Please leave me your feedback using the tools here on this site.


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