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  1. = a CaPRiCCiO =

    by SeRGioSVoX

    1,366 Videos / 194 Followers

    . . . . . ~ AudioVisual Expression ~ Experimental ~ Art ~ Music? Music! ~ ZeitGeist ~ strong Thoughts . . . .

  2. Fescal

    by FESCAL

    15 Videos / 36 Followers

    The world is not something to look, it is something to be in... "I knew likewise that in our speech some words are so intoned that harmony can be based upon them and that in the course of…

  3. Herzzeit

    by Roland Quelven

    5 Videos / 2 Followers

    HERZZEIT Le temps du coeur Bachmann-Celan, une correspondance Une création collective en langue française et allemande initiée par Alice Schneider et mise en scène…

  4. Purely Motion Graphics

    by Juztn

    424 Videos / 17K Followers

    Intended as a vault of inspiration to one and all! PS: Sorry if i don't reply on messages, there's just too many of them :)

  5. Pérez del Pulgar - Eisen - Quelven -

    by Roland Quelven

    11 Videos / 11 Followers

    Rey Eisen Website http://www.reyeisen.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Rey.Eisen Isabel Pérez del Pulgar Website http://isaperezdelpulgar.blogspot.fr/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/isaperezdelpulgar Roland…

  6. Pérez Del Pulgar | Quelven

    by Roland Quelven

    29 Videos / 37 Followers

  7. the Forgotten Film Gallery

    by Marshmallow Press Productions

    54 Videos / 60 Followers

    Follow the timeline of the Forgotten Film Gallery here: http://theforgottenfilmgallery.wordpress.com/ Subscribe to the Forgotten Film Gallery Channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/303404 The Forgotten…


    by Media in Motion

    26 Videos / 42 Followers

    Triple Conjunction: Magic, Myths and Mutations a glimpse of the programme of the 11th International Festival of New Media Nova Gorica, Slovenia - Dec 3rd - 11th 2010 www.pixxelpoint.org curated…


    by Media in Motion

    29 Videos / 9 Followers

    An interactive Video/Music-Project 21st of June '96 Idea: Heiko Daxl Realisation: Heiko Daxl, Veit-Lup, Gerd Rische Video. Heiko Daxl, Ingeborg Fülepp, Hartmut Jahn, Antal Lux, Maria…

  10. ΙΚΑΡΟΣ

    by Roland Quelven

    10 Videos / 26 Followers

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