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Lifestyle & Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Enthusiast and Consultant at Holistic Relationship Center, Amateur Pornographer.

I believe in freedom of sexual expression and acceptance in exploring one's sexuality. I create beautiful erotica with my partner as well as provide advice for those interested in the kinkier side of things. Oh yes, and I do professional sessions for those willing to get adventurous.

I have a wide variety of interests although lately getting fit and healthy is my biggest interest. Yoga, running, etc. I absolutely love music of all kinds except for rap and

I love cooking, reading, going for nature walks, sitting back with family watching whatever movie we picked up today. I have a love for Moscato wine. It is all I drink anymore when I decide to drink.

I enjoy chatting up folks in the industry no matter what job they have. I find it interesting what you can learn from people behind the camera and in front of it. There is forever a love of my pets and animals in general. I tend to be a goofball but a lovable and addictive one!

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