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“People don't get it. He didn't even have a fuckin' map; what kind of idiot? THAT was the point. There's no blank spots on the map anymore, anywhere on earth. If you want a blank spot on the map, you gotta leave the map behind.”
/Jon Krakauer/


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  1. Palīdzot pret reimatismu.
  2. With people who make videos original and surprising as this - indeed! Optimism and curiosity are the ones who keep things moving on.
  3. madarakd commented on G#
    Good video and great technique! But... Just can't get rid of the feeling, I've seen this somewhere. Indie music, rebellious kids, out-of-focus scenes with blue/yellow tint, v-neck T's and bicycles, American'ish suburbs... I'd like to hear, what's…
  4. Just when I thought there's nothing new to see, this comes across. Great!