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M. Kardinal affirms herself in her individual present time by using light to depict an understanding of the word’s original meaning. The artist finds the existential plateau in her life on the road, in travel and by returning to the place of presumed personal authenticity. She aims to constantly sense the latter anew in the labile provisional solution. A concentrated form of purposeful nervousness characterises the creative energy of a sensitive artistic personality. (...) Through the path of the medial transfers, the artist reveals her mental state. The viewer becomes witness to an existentially necessary dialogue between introspection and the outer world.
In the video works, the impression of what is insinuated and the sense of the relict in the incompleteness of earlier video technology in the painterly attitude is consistently continued. The accompanying sound is restricted to the reproduction of mechanical camera noises and fragments of speech that produce physically sensual associations between whispering, aspirating and breathing, as well as the sparingly used minimalistic sound collages.
With the constantly recurring implicit attempt to affirm herself in the present by preserving it, the artist approaches archetypal image concepts. Simultaneously sensitive and precise, M. Kardinal develops an almost melancholy pictorial language without sinking into depressive moods.

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