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  1. Social Slammer

    by lastjedigone subscribed to

    3,335 Videos / 317 Followers

    The best in slammed/ stance / OEM +/ JDM/ Euro/ air-cooled/ water-cooled/ oldschool ETC. No Credit Taken.

  2. KSG filmwerke

    by KSG filmwerke subscribed to

    4 Videos / 3 Followers

  3. Stance Spice

    by stancespice subscribed to

    490 Videos / 153 Followers

    Lowered Clique

  4. Car enthusiast Channel

    by Thomas Diewald FILMS subscribed to

    294 Videos / 196 Followers

    find me: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thomas-Diewald-Films/197074050368430 Instagram: thomasdiewaldfilms

  5. HD Car Videos

    by Ionut - HD-Car-Videos.Com subscribed to

    4,639 Videos / 2,643 Followers

    Find us on: HD Car Videos Blog: http://www.hd-car-videos.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HDCarVideos Twitter: http://twitter.com/HD_Car_Videos .

  6. Vagenwerks.

    by Manto91 subscribed to

    294 Videos / 652 Followers

    Welcome, this is a channel dedicated to a video of Volkswagen and Audi's Car. Here you can find the best video of Vimeo! Have Fun! For some question add me on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/A.Vw.Mantovani

  7. Car Life

    by Crass ToMouth subscribed to

    115 Videos / 102 Followers

    A channel of videos that mix a few of my favorite things. Girls, cars, creative cinematography, and good music.

  8. Rust In Peace

    by Luis Soares subscribed to

    3,461 Videos / 380 Followers

    All shit about VW / Audi...

  9. DUBLovers

    by DUBLovers subscribed to

    638 Videos / 312 Followers

  10. MKx Channel VW/Audi Videos United

    by Kilimats ☂ subscribed to

    2,354 Videos / 2,096 Followers

    This is a Channel dedicated to showcasing the VW and Audi Scene. Enjoy the ride and don't forget to update your favororites with http://vimeo.com/mkx Like this channel? Help us out for free…

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