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    45th Golden Horse Awards

    by Marco Tempest

    3 Videos

    Tempest makes magic at 45th Annual Golden Horse Awards The Golden Horse Awards & film festival are the Asian equivalent of The Academy Awards – and this year, Marco Tempest is among the…

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    Behind the Scenes

    by Marco Tempest

    13 Videos

    Meet the Man Behind the Curtain Ever wonder what the Virtual Magician is like in real life? Here's where you get to find out, as we lift the curtain and let you have a peek behind the scenes…

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    Japan Selects

    by Marco Tempest

    14 Videos

  4. 00:00

    John Deere National Convention

    by Marco Tempest

    8 Videos

    The Power of Innovation for John Deere When you think of John Deere, with all that farm equipment both large and small, what do you think of? Innovation may not be the first thing that pops into…

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    LG Videos

    by Marco Tempest

    6 Videos

    Virtual Magician Marco Tempest creates internet commercials to promote mobile phone, HD TV and washing machine lines for LG. “It’s always great when we can find such a perfect fit between…

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    Marco Tempest - History

    by Marco Tempest

    4 Videos

    Remember where you've been. It's next to impossible to stay where you are

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    MSN Video Japan

    by Marco Tempest

    13 Videos

    Catch Marco on MSN Video Japan On May 15, MSN Japan began presenting Marco Tempest in a 72 episode video magic series on the MSN Japan web site. The series, taped during the late winter and spring…

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    My Digital Life (HD)

    by Marco Tempest

    11 Videos

    Toshiba “Digital Life Innovation” Multi-platform Campaign Toshiba Corporation, a world leader in consumer technology, asked Marco to create a special, multi-platform marketing campaign…

  9. 03:44

    The Next List

    by Marco Tempest

    7 Videos

    Here are some of the teasers for the CNN program "The Next List" airing on November 13th, 2011 at 2:00pm.

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