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➠"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you
free."◆John 8:32

Born a Seventh-day Adventist, I never fully realized the love of GOD for me until my descent to the clever destructive ways of Satan.
MusicSoul.—A gift given by the LORD.
Mixture of insanity & genius.
Insanely ridicule... but, recognizing GOD as his saviour.
Genuine Music Poet.
Ex-member of Metal/Groove/Progressive band Equaleft.
aka Maglor.
iPhone user and Camera+ abuser.
...Afraid of spiders



  1. Flyover
  2. My New Roots
  3. Walla Walla University Church
  4. Dana & Sarah Films
  5. SDA Kinship International
  6. Arbella Studios
  7. GCComm
  8. The Adventist Church (Official)
  9. Moço de Recados
  10. BioLite
  11. GYC
  12. Little Light Studios
  13. Light Bearers
  14. The Final Movement
  15. Bible Study Films
  16. Jason Satterlund
  17. Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia
  18. Dan Eckert

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