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  1. Rotoscope

    by JB Sapienza joined

    114 Videos / 81 Members

    Videos & Films that use Rotoscoping. Either the whole thing is roto'd or a small part. I'm not picky. Show off your skills, share your work.

  2. The Student Creative

    by Matt Cauthron joined

    30 Videos / 20 Members

    For those dedicated to supporting creativity in schools. make sure to visit www.StudentCreative.org!

  3. PSDTUTS Photoshop Group

    by PSDTUTS joined

    213 Videos / 569 Members

    The official PSDTUTS Vimeo Group! You might also like to see our channel - http://www.vimeo.com/psdtuts - and of course the PSDTUTS website - http://psdtuts.com

  4. Photos in Motion (Photomotion Group)

    by Jon Thomas joined

    7,114 Videos / 3,758 Members

    Where stills move.

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