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It is my mission and deepest wish to enlighten people. To empower them in order that they can live their lifes purpose.
I do this in many different ways, but mainly in workshops. I am a professional with family constellations, The Journey, The Sedona Method and inner child work. My trainings are known for its depth, the tranformational power and humour.

I believe that we human beings are in truth spritual beings in a body. We have come to learn on this planet and you can choose to make your life miserable or great. We all have a huge potential and we can live our wildest dreams, if we would only dare....

This is what I teach and pass on to others, also while living my dream life and making the most of it.
Developing myself is my way, to become more and more the woman that I am in truth.

Therefor I have followed many trainings and right now fly many times to the USA to be trained there. I think this developing of my self will go on my whole life as it is such a deep fulfilling way to go. To find more and more freedom in myself and to pass that on.

Last January I had my first book published: En route to connection. Within 6 months I had a secound edition.
This was one of my dreams come true.
Right now I am busy writing my secound book. They are still in Dutch, but most probably I will have it published in English soon aswell.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all, and if you are ever interested in a a transfromational workshop, just let me know!
Warm greetings from the Netherlands,
Toine Revier

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