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Director, editor and camera operator.
Promos and long form

Macbook Pro + 25' monitor
Canon 7D
Vinten pro 6
Jib crane 5 meters + 360º head + 7' Monitor

Maher, born and raised in Lisbon, at the age of five has his first contact with a camera, shooting a small family video. Acquired the taste for video, he continues filming everything that moves him in any way. After a while another passion arose, music, he played guitar in several bands, playing gigs at parties and bars, covers and originals. But his real passion is film. He finishes high school and is accepted in the Cinema Graduate course, and starts a new step towards his dream, to became a film director.
He makes several shorts, in which he Directs "solicitadoria", with João Didlet, Guilherme Filipe and Alexandre Ferreira selected for several festivals.
He than directs a videoclip called "Infante", with a music made by Dulce Pontes and lyrics by Fernando Pessoa.
After graduating he is invited to go to london to work for discovery as an Editor, after several months working in the documentary world, he decides to work in fiction, his real passion and he receives an invitation of Sony Pictures entertainment to work as a Promo director for three main fiction entertainment channels, AXN, Sony Entertainment Television and Animax.
After invited to Work for SIC as an offline and online editor working for programs as Fama Show, Extra, E especial, and as a promo producer for 6 themed channels and generic channel in open signal.
The work was extremely interesting and enriched my ability to mature my knowledge of promos, long form, and online skills.
After i get invited to come and work for On demand, currently Vubiquity, for a new challenge of VOD as a promo producer. A very appealing challenge in a very fast turn around environment, where i could express and test all my skills, This new job allowed me to improved my script writing skills in english which was a very interesting challenge that has improved my work and my creative skills.
Worked for a range of clients in 15 different territories, like Telefonica, OI, Virgin, Talk Talk, DU.
Also doing account managing of Telefonica, Oi and Melita. Learning the business side of the trade pitching branding changes to clients, improving the workflow of the accounts and maintaining the ship in a steady steer, always an important trait to learn in this fast pace changing business.

Thank you all for reading
All the best!
Hugo Maher


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