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Manuela Maiguashca is a British filmmaker and activist, now living and working in the Netherlands, who has produced and directed documentary, drama and hard-hitting advocacy films that deal with human rights, maternal health and child welfare. She has worked in Africa (Ethiopia), the UK, Romania, Germany and the Netherlands with international NGOs as an activist, director and producer.
Her film work has been broadcast and screened internationally and used in a wide range of educational and advocacy programmes including: UN Development Programmes, the British Universities and Video Council Permanent Collection (UK), The Lancet (UK), The Institute for Tropical Medicine (UK), The Dutch HIV Association (NL), as well as many other international initiatives dealing with reproductive health and human rights.

Directorial work includes "Lullaby" screened internationally and selected for a multi-lingual, online exhibition, “Imagining Ourselves” curated by The International Museum of Women, US (Award: Best of Europe, 2008) and "The Dream" (broadcast on Dutch television, screened in international festivals and conferences including the London International Documentary Film Festival, 2008). Producorial work includes "Mr. Thompson’s Carnation" (Berlin and London International Film Festivals, Hollywood Channel, Winner of British Short Circuits Award and UK Film Council: Best of British Films Collection 2003.)

In 2006, she co-founded "Lifeboat: HIV Daring To Share" a 70 minute web-documentary about families affected by HIV/AIDS. This new media project was developed in EsoDoc (EU funded social documentary programme) and funded by the Digitale Pioneers Academy (Kennisland, NL). It has been screened internationally in conferences and versions have been broadcast on Dutch TV. It is currently used by all Dutch hospitals offering HIV services.

In 2011, she begun work as the Media Director for a Dutch national project "Mijn Backpack", an interactive game that uses documentary and animation to deal with traumatic experiences of becoming foster children. The project is commissioned by Kinderpostzegels and currently being introduced in different European countries.

Ms. Maiguashca has taught film-making, animation and new media for over 15 years to adults and children in a wide range of schools and educational initiatives. She has taught at The London Film Academy since 2000 and over the years, developed many components of their courses documentary courses. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and using media as a tool for communication and social inclusion.


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