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My name is Laurent Makowski

I graduated from Supinfocom (France) in 1999.

Then I worked at:
- Buf company (Paris, France) for 3 years, as a generalist
- TheMill London (Uk) for 5 years, as a generalist with specialization in Lighting/Compositing
- Animal Logic (Sydney, Australia) for 2 years, as a Lighting Technical Director
- TheMill New York (US) as a generalist with specialization in Lighting/Compositing

I had a chance to work on some great films, like:
Matrix Reloaded, Underworld, Finding Neverland, SimONE, ...
... and on loads of commercials.

I'm confortable with Arnold, Mentalray. Maya, Softimage, Nuke, Python, Mudbox, Mari, on Linux systems.

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