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I consider myself a professional and vocational illustrator. I also work as a teacher and researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the Drawing Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos, Valencia, Spain.

My passion is drawing, I’m happy when I hold a pencil in my hand and combine this activity with the teaching profession. I also give lectures, speaking about my work as illustrator and I like to say yes! when I am invited to teach an illustration workshop in any city.

It’s been more than 6 years developing my work as a professional illustrator, leading my own studio: Malotaprojects ( Thanks to my perseverance, all the hours spent drawing and having fun doing it, my restlessness and desire to do better each day, plus my efforts to promote myself in media such as Internet or promotional books, I have worked for clients such as Private through the argentine agency DonBue, agencies such as Mccann Erickson Istambul, Satchi & Satchi or SCPF, and a long list of clients who have contacted me interested in my work.

I am a responsible person, I place high demands on myself at work, flexible and someone who knows how to adapt to the requirements of each project.

I consider myself a versatile illustrator, I have worked in many illustration areas, audiovisual, advertising, packaging, publishing and I understand and know the requirements and peculiarities of each field.

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