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*MAMASWEED* does not need special expert’s definition of their style. People call them punk-rock group. Could be, if we are talking about their life-philosophy. But actually it is much wider.
Music of *MAMASWEED* is very expressive, energetic combination of various stiles and streams: punk, psychedelic rock, rythm and blues and many others. Definitely there is a touch of “Doors”, “Rolling Stones”, “Clash”, “Pink Floyd”…

MAMASWEED and OLIVER STEINBERGER recorded the Basic Tracks for *GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS* live. The great UWE *DON* HOFFMANN finished the production on his studio farm ( in Spain, Uve´s spit and polish has resulted in a remarkable sound for the new songs.
BULLDOG HOTEL AMSTERDAM, MW-MUSIC and MKZWO REC. Will release the Album *GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS in April and through MUSICJUSTMUSIC and ROUGHTRADE it will be available worldwide.....

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