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Mana TV is a web-based video magazine which premieres original content focused on influential individuals with specific ties to Mana Contemporary. Mana's in-house video team is comprised of filmmakers Sarah Tricker and E Lee Smith (Double Cyclops). Mana TV hopes to share the stories of the people who make Mana, and the world, a more exciting place to be.

While Mana Contemporary is a creative community committed to supporting exceptional artists, Mana TV is her digital storytelling sister, showcasing artist profiles as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

Founded by Eugene Lemay, Mana Contemporary's mission is to display the art-creating process and the people behind it. Mana TV helps artists and creators tell their stories, exposing their work to a wider audience.

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  1. Brilliant work! I appreciate Carole Feuerman's originality. She has a new fan :D