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I tell stories. Sometimes those stories take the form of a music video, sometimes they’re in the form of a short film, and sometimes a feature.

This Vimeo page is a collection of the thoughts, processes and final out comes that goes into telling those stories.

Now a little about me.

I’ve been directing, editing and shooting in one form or another since 2008. But my “big break” came in 2011 when a music video that I had shot and directed for the artist “Maq” caught the attention of Diddy. The music video had been passed on to him from an executive at Blue Flame Ad Agency in New York city. Once Diddy saw it he posted the music video on Twitter.

From there, I got commissioned to do 2 more music/promotion videos for Diddy and Blue Flame Ad Agency.

Those three music video’s led to a chance to do a music video cover for Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jean”. Lana Del Rey posted the music video on her Facebook Page and MuchMusic tweeted it.

Just recently Mark Ecko’s Complex Magazine and music blog Pigeons and Planes published a feature article detailing it all.

Feel free to go to my website, and click on the "Media" page to verify my credential and references.

So there you have it, my story so far…

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