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  1. Adam D. Block

    by Adam Block

    6 Videos / 4 Followers

    Videos created by Adam Block, usually about astronomy, nature, or science.

  2. After Effects & Premiere Tutorials from devowe.com

    by ☞ Michael DeVowe

    10 Videos / 1,535 Followers

    Please subscribe! Hi! I'm Michael from Michael DeVowe Creative Works (devowe.com). This channel is for the video tutorials I create on advanced techniques, workflow tips, and color correction…

  3. Airplanes!

    by Stephen Lewis

    275 Videos / 766 Followers

    HD or SD anything goes! We all love airplanes right? From little puddle jumpers to monsters like the Airbus A380, upload away, and many happy returns! Add a shout to get your video posted. Oh,…

  4. Astronomical

    by Wes Scoggins

    31 Videos / 81 Followers

    A Channel focused on the above. Featuring videos about Astronomy, Space Photography, and space exploration.

  5. Astronomy

    by Leif Casey

    1 Video / 2 Followers

  6. Beyond Nature HD

    by Tom Dowser

    1,096 Videos / 3,110 Followers

    Beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and natural scenery in HD.

  7. Blende 8 – Der Foto-Podcast

    by Galileo Design

    76 Videos / 124 Followers

    Blende 8, der erste exklusive Video-Podcast zum Thema Fotografie in deutscher Sprache, geht alle 14 Tage auf Sendung. 
Holen Sie sich neue Anregungen für Ihre eigene Fotopraxis mit aktuellen…


    by Scobra Lazor

    105 Videos / 1,060 Followers

    Your BMW / VW / AUDI / MERCEDES / PORSCHE and all things EURO Channel

  9. Die Photoshop-Profis

    by Galileo Design

    112 Videos / 60 Followers

    Seien Sie dabei, wenn die „Photoshop-Profis“ von Galileo Design jede Woche neue Rezepte, Tricks und Techniken aus der Photoshop-Welt enthüllen. Lernen Sie faszinierende Effekte und…

  10. digideep.com :: scuba diving HD videos


    326 Videos / 607 Followers

    Dear underwater videographers, we are very happy to inform you that the DIGIDEEP.com Channel on Vimeo is back in business (dated 3rd February 2010). It was launched more than a year ago but had to…

  11. DSLR Time Lapse

    by The Seventh Movement

    16 Videos / 22 Followers

    This channel if for all time lapses taken with a DSLR.

  12. DUBLovers

    by DUBLovers

    638 Videos / 335 Followers

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