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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Mannequin Pictures is an award winning Film Production company specialising in Commercials and Films.

Started by Kyle Ambrose and Delon Bakker in 2005 with a focus on New wave African cinema voices of African Talent. Mannequin Pictures has produced two short films in partnership with Focus Features Africa First Campaign, namely Umkhungo (2011) and Security (2013).

Umkhungo, a supernatural thriller set in the johannesburg, enjoyed a great festival run screening at many prestigious festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, BFI London and Seattle IFF. It has won best short film awards at multiple festivals and also a S.A.F.T.A which is the highest award a South African film can achieve in its own country . It has since been distributed to local television and screams across the African Continent. Focus Features own the rights to North American Distribution.

Security, a drama about a security guard who recently lost his wife, works the nightshift at high end mall and explores a way of coping with loss in a which he becomes involved with a storefront Mannequin. The film has just started its festival run and so has been well received at the festivals it has attended.

For more information please visit Mannequin Pictures website.

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