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  1. 01:04:56

    My Docu Work for AboutFace Media

    by Manny Marquez

    17 Videos

    Films I've directed for AboutFace Media! Different clients with different stories to tell. I love working for AboutFace, and its some of my most fulfilling work!

  2. 35:03

    Native "Tales from the Hood"

    by Manny Marquez

    14 Videos

    "Tales from the Hood" is a 13 part documentary series about Hood River, Oregon. It was created to accompany the 2012 Native Eyewear Catalog of the same name. From their site: "The…

  3. 39:10

    Trek Bicycles "Document: Unscripted"

    by Manny Marquez

    6 Videos

    In 2009 I followed and documented the Astana Racing Team for Trek Bicycles. This series featured the star athletes, Alberto Contador, Levi Leipheimer, and Lance Armstrong. It also allowed the exploration…

  4. 14:52

    Wilson Sports

    by Manny Marquez

    3 Videos

    These videos were created for Wilson Sports "More Win" campaign. We documented a day in the life of several of their athletes, and also did interviews for the launch of their redesigned…

  5. 03:59


    by Manny Marquez

    2 Videos

    These two videos were my contribution to a series created for Perkins+Will for their 75th Anniversary. Directed by Manny Marquez for AboutFace Media.

  6. 07:21

    3M Stories

    by Manny Marquez

    1 Video

  7. 14:45

    CanAm Spyder

    by Manny Marquez

    1 Video

    In 2011, Canadian company BRP launched a campaign for their CanAm Spyder project called: The Spyder 5. They took five people from different aspects of life, and gave them a CanAm Spyer. These folks…

  8. 05:57

    Habitat for Humanity

    by Manny Marquez

    0 Videos

    This series is for the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and was one of the first docu series projects I directed. Directed by Manny Marquez for AboutFace Media.

  9. 15:17

    Quinn Stories

    by Manny Marquez

    0 Videos

    In the wake of the Rod Blagojevich scandal in Illinois, lieutenant governor Pat Quinn stepped up to the plate as interim governor. While he was trying to fight the road of corruption the last governor…

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