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Director Of Photography - Cinematographer

Emmanuel is a director of photography based in Paris working wherever directors needs him. He started in photography by creating a photo studio, and then continued studied film to next work in an advertising agency.
But it is the atmosphere on set he likes the most, and he started as an assistant camera on feature films, advertising… for several DOP in France and abroad.
Through advertising and short films he gradually changes to be a director of photography.
His taste for paints, light, photography allows him to be placed on projects with technical and artistic challenges motivating his right choice of career.
Whatever the format of productions he works on, he puts his love of cinema and art to create astonishing frames and light moods that mark the attention. This is his taste of challenges, to meet new people to share knowledge and to learn new skills that led him to work as a DOP internationally.

Cellular: +33(0) 668 549 397
email: emmanuellakkari@gmail.com


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