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Maranatha Tours Inc. Specializing in Christian pilgrimages through the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we can take you there! visit our website for more information.

Greg “The Chef” Reilly was born in Michigan and moved to Arizona where he grew up “Loving the Heat”. He graduated from Western Culinary Institute in Portland, OR. Shortly after “Grinding His Way” through the culinary ranks, he made his dream come true and opened up his own restaurant. He then had a calling from a “Higher Power” and joined the family business in the tourism industry that specializes in group Pilgrimages. He is the General Director of Maranatha Tours Inc., where he plays a key role in all aspects of the business. Since traveling the world and especially through the bible, Chef Reilly is now putting his “Culinary Prowess” together with his travel experience and created Cooking Thru the Lands of the Bible, where he is the star and producer. A show that incorporates an awesome combination of “Food… and The Bible”. You can also visit to view his other productions.

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