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Marc has been building, developing, and implementing brand identities and strategies for his clients for the last 14 years. He operates mainly in Paris and in Montreal, and he also works in Beirut and in New York for businesses in luxury, commerce, industry, service, and culture.

For Marc Kandalaft, being a designer is creating the ideal relationship between form and content, purpose and aesthetic, beauty and function.
He believes that aesthetic is the result of a delicate, clever, and thorough work process that must be accomplished with a sense of care, grace, and simplicity.

Brands function like any living entity, and what makes them last he says, isn't their strength or their intelligence, but their innate ability to evolve by embracing change and learning from it.

With other artists, Marc also collaborates on projects of industrial and interior design, as well as, on movies and on music.


Admitted in 1995 at l'ESAG Penninghen in Paris, he learned his craft under the tutelage of eminent figures in graphic design and photography, such as Roman Cieslewicz, Peter Knapp, Michel Bouvet and Etienne Robial.

In 1999, he was conferred his Masters with the title of artistic director in graphic arts and digital design.

A few months later, he founded, in Paris, the strategic creative agency of Marc Kandalaft Design, which offers design, branding and communication services. The company philosophy rests on a desire to reconcile art and industry, commercial efficiency and creative power.

After establishing its clientele in Europe, in the Middle East and in North America, Marc Kandalaft Design moves its head office to Montreal in 2008; the French branch, however, remaining still operational.

Founding member of the group SEPT in Paris.
Board member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Québec SDGQ.
Member of Mission Design.
Mentor at HEC Startup Weekend - Adobe Mentorship Program.

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