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  1. 12:50

    Sports Videos

    by Marcus Taplin

    8 Videos

    This album highlights most of the sports videos that I have shot. Teams Included: Minnesota Wild (NHL) Minnesota Gophers (NCAA) Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) Real Salt Lake (MLS) DC United…

  2. 12:09

    Pheasant Hills Golf Course Tour

    by Marcus Taplin

    18 Videos

    A hole by hole tour of Pheasant Hills Golf Course in Hammond, WI.

  3. 29:44

    Wedding Videos

    by Marcus Taplin

    5 Videos

    This album highlights the wedding videos I have filmed and edit. Take a look and tell a friend.

  4. 08:40

    Vikings Weekly

    by Marcus Taplin

    2 Videos

    These are a few of the features and stories that I produced and edited this past year.

  5. 00:00

    St. Paul Lutheran School Promo Series

    by Marcus Taplin

    4 Videos

    This is a series of videos I produced for St. Paul Lutheran School in Fairmont, MN for the purpose of recruitment

  6. 05:30

    Fox Sports North

    by Marcus Taplin

    7 Videos

    This is a compelation of videos I have edited for pre and post game shows on Fox Sports North.

  7. 00:00

    Fox Sports Wisconsin

    by Marcus Taplin

    3 Videos

    This is a compilation of videos I have edited for pre and post game shows on Fox Sports Wisconsin.

  8. 00:00

    2010 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp

    by Marcus Taplin

    5 Videos

    I worked as a freelance producer for Fox Sports to cover the 2010 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp.

  9. 00:00

    10 Greatest Mavericks

    by Marcus Taplin

    10 Videos

    These feature are part of a series that featured the 10 greatest hockey players in Minnesota State Mankato's history. It originally aired during the 2010-2011 hockey season on Charter Communicaions'…

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