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As a kid, I loved actualizing my ideas into art, projects and inventions, always creating something from my imagination. My desire to make great video games led me to art school.

In 1999 I was recruited by Electronic Arts’ EA Academy program as an artist while studying computer animation and digital design spending two summers interning at the Redwood Shores HQ studio and subsequently (upon graduation) accepted an offer for a regular position.

EA was my reluctant launchpad into a career in games but within a few years I worked to migrate from game art to game design. At EA I developed during three generations of game consoles as well as PC, contributing to several "AAA" titles including “007 James bond: Everything or Nothing,” “The Sims 2” and “Godfather: The Game.”

After five years working with Electronic Arts, I decided it was time to experience other projects, working on titles such as:

“Tomb Raider: Legend“ for Eidos’ Crystal Dynamics studio on Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360

"LAIR" for Factor 5 on the PS3

“Space Movers: The Bloom Initiative” a FaceBook game about replenishing the earth’s natural resources (the game was designed so that playing it contributed money to the Arbor Day Foundation.)

After a decade-long career in games and a series of promotions and defections, I left the mainstream because, well, I was no longer making games, I was managing development teams that were making games.

My goal with Fresh Aces is to craft games myself. I make games with limited resources and from the perspective of what I would want to play, hopefully others like them too!

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  • Fresh Aces Videogames - My indie studio, I have an art director, sound director, creative director and marketing intern. They are all me. :D
  • Colorado indie Game Dev. Assoc. - A meet-up group to organize the handful of indie game developers that are in Colorado to meet and share their passion..


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